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Thread: NTSB Recommends States Ban the Use of Cell Phones & Hands-Free Devices While Driving

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    I think what we have here is a case of technology changing the way we live life and finding ways to adapt to it. I could write a 500 page essay on what's wrong with America but, in the end, is it really wrong, or is it just the new way of life? Its kind of like hackers... they attack, devs block it.. then they attack again and devs block that. We are always 1 step behind technology here in real life land. And once we figure out how to solve one problem, another comes about. Im pretty sure when they wrote the Dec of Ind. they were not accounting for internet, cell phones, cars, etc.. much like with what new laws and regulations we come up with today we are not accounting for all the cool shhhh that will be invented in the future. The consequences are always an afterthought until they are real.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnomaz View Post
    I'm cool with it. I nearly got in a nasty accident because some guy was looking at his cell phone...with BOTH hands...and ran a stop light. I'm lucky I saw him because if not, it'd be GG for me. My phone stays in my pocket in the car. call, text, doesn't matter. It can wait as it has for many many years until I get home. No, I'm not 60, I'm 30 and have seen cell phones for over half my life, though in the beginning, they were very large. People aren't as important as they think they are and there is no reason you can't wait to talk or text.
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    I'm a competitive bicycle racer and motorcyclist and my heart is my hand when I'm on the road sometimes, when I'm on the motorcycle at a stop sign or red light and see someone coming up behind me with their neck craned over I cringe...

    I even have a side view mirror on my bicycle and can pick them out once in awhile when their approaching me from behind, their usually way off center in their lane. I ALWAYS kiss my wife goodbye before I go out for a training ride.

    Ron W.
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    It is always so sad when a family gets up and talks about the death of their child because they had to send that IMPORTANT text or read one. I used to think that drivers talking on phones were okay, but there are so many that can't crank a car without one their hand on their phone and they totally forget what they are doing they are so engrosed with the conversation. These are the ones that can't maintain a constant speed, drift from lane to lane, are not aware of vehicles around them or make sudden turns when they realize they are missing their destination. Get handsfree or stay home and chat on the phone!
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    What about all the integrated touch screen GPS/music/etc interfaces on some cars? Do they want those banned to? That's not really different than a cell phone docked on the dash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Narsil View Post
    Personally, I find traffic cops highly distracting! I think something should be done to keep them off the roads where they won't distract me with their radar/laser guns.
    They always distract me too! I find it ridiculous when a cop follows me at less than 10 feet at 60 mph. There is absolutely no reason for them to be that close to me. If they have to be that close to read my plates they need to get glasses or not work. Plain and simple. Not 2 weeks ago I had a cop run me off the road while he was talking on his cell phone. Cut me off, didn't stop...So before we go banning any and all cell phone use how about a little common sense in the driver's seat?

    I agree with the analogy of "guns don't kill people." It's not the phone that causes an accident, it's the driver's lack of focus, which if it wasn't on the cell phone could be on many other various things. It is up to the driver to perform their duties behind the wheel. We can't punish the many for the faults of the few. Knee-jerk reactions to a perceived problem is not the way to solve things.
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    I almost had an accident with a cop on his phone, turned at the last minute without signaling. Happens a LOT here.

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    IN my area; people are always talking and texting while they drive. My wife was rear ended a week ago by some dumb who was texting( she saw him and he did not lie about it except to the cop). Totally HIS fault and she got away with a few bumps and bruises. Her car had 11K worth of damage as a result. I totally agree with another post here. YOU ARE NOT THAT IMPORTANT that things like a text or call can't wait until you are stopped or pulled over. I have and use the Parot MKi9200 in my car and even then; I keep calls to a minimum. Far too many distractions on the road and far too many under skilled drivers who think they are the best drivers. Our state already has a ban on cellphone use unless it is hands free. Problem with the law!?? it's not enforced one frackin' bit! They need to not only pass the ban but to make the penalties much more stiff for it. Make it as harsh as a DUI and THEN maybe people will get the idea. Cops are also to blame here as I can't count the amount of times I've seen a cop with lights and sirens blazing driving like he's qualifying for pole position with a damn phone in his hand against his head. Seriously folks.... Put the phone down, use hands free, and drive the damn car/truck.
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    Lets start by removing all two way radio's from cop cars, firetrucks, military vehicles, FBI, DEA, and other state and government vehicles. After that is working well we can move on to other levels. The State of Washington ban holding the phone to your ear to talk! You can put it on speaker phone mode and talk like it is a mic on a radio, as they knew that banning them completely would open the can of worms I have noted above.

    I recently got a Jabra BluTooth handsfree at Costco for my noisy diesel truck and it works quite well, and blocks the noise for the engine almost completely. I plan on getting another one for my wifes Buick Rainier, and quit buying minutes for the phone that is part of the Onstar system.

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    As a motorcylist, I don't get the luxury of being distracted by eating, drinking, playing with my iPod, making a call, sending a text or email, changing a CD or any of the other 50 things that drivers do instead of driving. I have all the time in the world to watch the things that drivers do, half of them not even being aware that they are doing it.

    Everyone thinks that they are a good driver, but 4 out 5 people reading this, aren't. You just don't know how bad you are until you have a chance to watch yourself from a position of someone that has to constantly try to read your mind, anticipate whatever stupid thing you might do, dodge you when you just turn into my lane without looking or signaling, slam on the brakes and take evasive maneuvers when you pull out right in front of me, etc... I wish that everyone could ride, because being on a bike with no seat belt, no airbags, no crumple zones or protection other than a jacket and jeans, where locking up a tire does't just make a squealing noise, it usually means you are eating pavement... It would give you an completely new insight as to what goes on every day. When you are in a car, you are in a nice, quiet and controlled cage, surrounded by layers of protection and distractions, and most people have no clue what they are doing.

    It was a real eye opener for me when I started riding. It makes you a better driver because it makes you painfully aware(sometimes literally) just how bad the average driver is.

    And cell phones are a HUGE part of it. I see it every single day I am out there. People weaving around, driving slow, cutting people off, slamming on brakes with no warning, no turn signals, drifting over the line, etc... All because they have to yap to their dopey friend about American Idol from last night.

    I think that hands free helps, but even the act of looking down and scrolling through contacts for a number and placing the call is enough to cause an accident and kill someone.

    There was a study that showed that a 25 year old on a cell phone, had the driving skill and reaction time of a senior citizen, or being under the influence. It really is that bad.
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