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Thread: PowerBoost V2.2 Script "Universal Unthrottle" and much more! 5 Devices!

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    PowerBoost V2.2 Script "Universal Unthrottle" and much more! 5 Devices!

    Buffering Demolished with PowerBoost 2.2 and Universal Unthrottle!

    Don't you just hate that annoying buffering circle in the middle of your Youtube video that pops up every few seconds, and makes you want to throw your phone against a wall! Announcing Power Boost V2.2 by Developer "BMc08GT." This Script is an amazing utility that will really make your phone fly! The latest version includes a Universal Unthrottle mod. The Unthrottle mod was only supported on some roms, on some devices, in previous versions of this script; however, BMc has found an exploit to make the unthrottle mod universal on all supported devices running any rom!

    It has been said that phone carriers throttle data speeds at peak hours, and/or some, if you have gone over a certain usage point during a given month. Verizon claims to throttle only the top 5% of data users for a period of only one month. BMc has found a database hack that works across multiple devices to stop throttling and speed up your data services! The mod takes place in the settings.db all "throttle" lines are set to 0. Which renders your carriers throttling efforts useless!

    The Unthrottle feature is the coolest part in my opinion, but this Script offers so much more! It includes BMc's build.prop edits, Cron, SdCard Read ahead, Filesystem Boost, Swap, PowerBoost Conservative CPU Gov (better battery), Init.d scripts, Fix Perms on Boot, Recovery on every boot mod, wipe cache or dalvik cache, Togglemods script, and more! All mods are designed to make your phone faster than ever!

    Supported Devices include DroidX, Droid2, Droid2Global, Droid Bionic, and Samsung Fascinate! Support for more devices is on the way as well as the addition of some other mods.

    For more info on this Script including Install Instructions Check out the Thread!
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    It works
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    Are they really throttling us? How can we tell?

    Please don't leave out the Thunderbolt!!!
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    After doing all steps laid out in the guide found flashme.zip not actually placing files in there proper locations(actually not even extracting to system)

    SO! After building a flashme with the script in Term Emu, I manually extracted and placed them in manually in the proper places with Root Explorer come to find out IT WORKS! I am using a fresh LGB 3.2 on an OG Droid with it's stock 1Ghz Chevy Kernel. Just giving an update to this.
    PowerBoost V2.2 Script "Universal Unthrottle" and much more! 5 Devices!-capture024.jpg
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