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Thread: Android and iOS Now 58% of U.S. Mobile Gaming - Now Kings of Portable Gaming

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    Android and iOS Now 58% of U.S. Mobile Gaming - Now Kings of Portable Gaming

    According to the progression that you can see in the pie charts above, mobile device gaming in the U.S. has been steadily growing and now rules the portable gaming market. Now, Android and iOS mobile gaming has finally unseated devices like the Nintendo DS, and the Sony PSP to become the top dog in mobile gaming, with 58%. In fact, iOS and Android generated $500 Million more revenue than DS and PSP titles this year.

    There's some other interesting tidbits to go along with this. The mobile gaming market in general has grown at a fast pace. This year's total revenue was up to $3.3 Billion, and is a 25% increase from the same time in 2010. It'll be interesting to see how some of the new powerhouse Android tablets like the Transformer Prime help drive that growth further in 2012.

    Source: Android.net via Engadget
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    The problem with this chart is how do you define gaming? The PSP and Nintendo DS have much better games, actual controlls and are dedicated for gaming. Android and iOS are multifunction devices. If I go on my DroidX and download a crossword app, that is considered a game and my device is now considered a gaming device. I may use that app 2 hours a week, perhaps on a short bus ride to work or something. Same for many other games on phones. A DS and PSP however are dedicated to games (I know the PSP can play movies and music and stuff, but is for the most part dedicated to games). If you were to ask the poeple that game on Android or iOS if they would buy a DS or PSP to have their crossword game or whatever on it, I bet they would say no. They already have their phone or tablet and .99c is not much to entertain yourself for a few minutes here and there. I see it more as an oranges to tangerines comparison. They look similar, kind of taste similar, but in the end, are two different things all together.
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    ^I agree 100%. Trying to play a game like Tecmo Bowl, thats designed for direction pads and whatnot on a all touch screen phone is an exercise in frustration. I'll take a dedicated hand held gaming machine any day.

    See, I like that. Group iOS and Android together. We need to stop all the fighting and bickering.

    I still plan on getting my son a 3DS and I'm getting a Vita. One reason is cuz Sony gave us free PSP games when they got hacked....lol Will be my first handheld gaming system.
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    Another thing you have to consider is that PSP and Nintendo DS ARE dedicated to gaming, meaning that if you don't plan on gaming on the move frequently, you won't buy one. But these days, who DOESN'T have a phone? Even the lower-end phones are getting faster and more powerful. So even if you're not a gamer, and didn't buy an overly expensive phone, you still might find yourself browsing the Android Market, come across Raging Thunder or something, and give it a shot. So really we can't compare mobile phones with gaming capability to mobile gaming devices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnomaz View Post
    I may use that app 2 hours a week, perhaps on a short bus ride to work or something.
    I read "short bus" and chuckled to myself.
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    I'm glad I'm not the only person that feels this way about posts about Ios and Android being gaming devices... I hate these misleading reports.
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