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Thread: [Giveaway] Mybackup Pro Winners Announced

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    [Giveaway] Mybackup Pro Winners Announced

    Giveaways are always a fun thing to do, and always a good break from the normal news routine. Hopefully you got a chance to enter and win a copy of Mybackup Pro, otherwise, we are sure to do another giveaway of this and many other applications here every week, so keep looking out for that.

    Here are the winners of the free copy (Winners PM me for directions);

    Quote Originally Posted by REMilk View Post
    My Droid 3 has replaced several items that I use to carry as a road warrior. In addition to the telephony capabiities, my Droid is a:
    • GPS
    • Music Player
    • eBook Reader
    • Gaming device

    In addition, while actually traveling, I no longer need to fire up the laptop to:
    • Handle corporate email and calendar
    • Handle multiple personal email accounts
    • Keep in touch via Social Media(Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus)
    • Read/edit MS Office products
    • Give PowerPoint Presentations

    To support these processes if I had a copy of My Backup Pro,I would be assured everything was safely backed up.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nyteravyn View Post
    well I'd like to say that my droid bionic is so awesome that it has replaced my wife but that would just be wrong, lol..
    I can say however, there are times my wife would have you believe otherwise... ;-)
    Hmmm, my wife's singing? slacker radio + 1 !
    wife cooking? pizza hut app + 1, lol...
    my wife telling me where to go? navigation + 1!
    suffering through the holidays with my wife's nagging mother? A NETFLIX ...PRICELESS!
    To sum it all up, I'd not trade my wife for any upgrade or refurb... BUT... When my Bionic gets naggy... Er... Laggy :-) or wants to shut down ... Unexpectedly? It would sure be nice too have a back up to fall back on.... That wouldn't end up with my wife's mocking rant," I want HALF" ROFLMAO
    WIN or lose... This was fun! Thanks...

    Sent from my DROID BIONIC using DroidForums
    Quote Originally Posted by screaminz2002 View Post
    Nothing beats the original! They pretty much just screwed it up with every release after trying to copy the first. It's only fitting the first dev phone will replace the only vanilla phone in Verizons lineup. With that said..

    My OG Droid has worked every day and better now then the day it was purchased. (a great community helps here!) No scratches on the screen, same battery, covered in liquid more then once, left in the hot Texas sun sitting in the car for hours on end. So many things have happened to this phone.. It has taken pictures of my holy crap moments, my great moments, and my not so great moments. For two years it has done everything I asked it to do. Like me, it is not the newest model but, it still gets the job done. I will actually be sad the day I power it off for the last time. No other possession I own has been with me every day for longer then this Droid. Not my wallet, my watch which it pretty much replaced, or even my hat which has less time on my head then the phone has in my pocket. I still have the first picture my phone took. It's of my daughter the day we purchased the Droids. Enjoy the blast from the past Verizon wall!

    Quote Originally Posted by Heywood View Post
    My favorite thing about my Droid is that it isn't made by Apple
    Quote Originally Posted by Droid Firefighter View Post
    My Incredible 2 has been amazing! I constantly read about other phones having trouble while using the droid forums app on my Dinc2 and I have to smile and appreciate my phone even more. No random reboots, lose of data after making a call, no dropped calls, email always works, and the phone is ALWAYS fast. My research before buying this phone consisted of weeding out the phones with the most complaints. Thank you for the time to brag!

    This post is Incredible 2!
    Thanks for playing!
    Last edited by dgstorm; 11-01-2011 at 08:56 AM.
    There is probable a million things about me that you don't know. Check out my About.me page
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    Congrats to the winners!!

    1.Need to Flash a ROM? - Flashing ROM - Best Practices
    2.How-To Setup a ROM/MOD/Theme Thread with prefix - Setup ROM/MOD/Theme Thread
    3.Guidelines of Conduct on Droidforums.net - Guidelines of Conduct
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    Congratulations to all the winners!
    Visit DF's sister site, http://www.incredibleforum.com, for even more great Incredible tips!
    Useful links:
    * How to Root Your Incredible * How to Unroot Your Incredible * Flashing ROMs Tutorial


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