Previously, we reported that the Amazon Appstore had gone live for users outside the United States, and that was actually accurate, for that day. Unfortunately, it appears that either Amazon was testing things, or it was some technical glitch, as the service is no longer available outside the States. Additionally, their disclaimer indicating that the Appstore is only available in the U.S. has still not been changed, so this is further confirmation that it was either an error or a test. Perhaps it will come back soon, and an actual announcement is imminent.

It's interesting to see that the service seemed to work fine. The only speculation that comes to mind is that perhaps the problem is not technical in nature, but may have to do with international licensing issues, or something similar. Or, maybe they are waiting to time it with the international release of their Android Amazon Kindle. Regardless, if anyone outside the U.S. sees it come back online, sound off in the forums.

Source: DroidGamers