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While I will agree benchmarks do serve a purpose...if phone A comes in on top...and phone B is a close 2nd ...phone B is nothing to sneeze at. Thats why I said winning benchmarks earlier. The Exynos is gonna be the benchmark king for awhile. And probably the next Samsung chip too. And benchmarks never tell the whole story. Like how some manufactures use gpu acceleration in the browser....that should make it have better browser scores.

Or like how the EVO 4G had its FPS capped. Do other phones have it capped too? An update uncapped it eventually.

And this doesnt include the benchmark tests that can be manipulated. Some are more reliable than others, or the pro version tells a better story than the free, standard version
To me, benchmarks hold little value with regards to cellular phones. Two identical computers identical software and hardware should benchmark the same(within reason). I'm a Verizon customer so if it's not offered by Verizon, with a CDMA, or LTE chipset the benchmark is useless to me as purchasing the phone isn't an option because of reception issues. I have had an LTE phone before and returned it because of poor battery life. One of the downfalls of benchmarks is that when it comes down to portable devices, a higher benchmark is going to equal a shorter battery life. In the end it all comes down to quality of service and usability.

CompanyA produces ProductA which benchmarks at X, with great call quality, battery life, and end user experience. Does it matter that there is another product available with higher benchmarks if it doesn't even get reception in my area? Perhaps the battery life would be terrible with a radio from my carrier, or perhaps it would benchmark lower because of differences required for the chipset. I can't speculate because the product doesn't exist, and I can't build it. If a product is not an option then the benchmark, quality of speaker, battery life, etc simply don't matter.

Others can talk about their benchmarks on their devices on other networks all they want. For me it holds little value. Put that device on my network, and show me the benchmark and it becomes relevant. I'm on Droidforums, for the discussion of the discussion of Droid branded phones. Those are carried by Verizon which happens to be the cellular provider that I use. If it's not offered by Verizon, it's not on the same playing field and doesn't matter.