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Thread: Android Tablets Chew 30% Out of iPad's Marketshare

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    Quote Originally Posted by kodiak799 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by czerdrill View Post

    No I meant who's actually selling these tablets...it's one thing to have them on sale but someone or some tablet has to be selling pretty nicely for the market to have a 4500% increase YOY....my point is that this report is only talking about shipments. there's no way android tablet share is 30% or even close. How could it be? No tablet has come remotely close to matching iPads success, and all of them as a collective unit are outsold by the iPad quite handedly. So where is this 4500% increase coming from?
    Isn't the market for tablets doubling or tripling this year? And there are now how many more Android options out there? A key difference with smartphones is also you don't have nearly the same issue with Android adoption.

    Asus can't make enough tablets, something like 400k of the Transformer alone which would be 5M units for the year (but probably only 1-1.5M to date). The Xoom grossly underperformed expectations, but they've still sold a bunch. Same goes for the Galaxy tabs.

    There's a lot of tablets out there. Unless their shipments number is wrong, there simply isn't going to be 15M shipped while only a few million have sold. Maybe they erred on the shipments, but it's not very logical to think sales aren't tracking pretty closely with shipments. Even if only 2/3 are selling, that would still be 20%. Question the accuracy of the shipments number, but implying that 80-90% of these aren't selling just isn't very rational.
    But where are you getting "they still sold a bunch" from? Motorola hasn't released XOOM sales numbers, nor has Samsung on the galaxy tab. The only number we have on the Galaxy tab is Samsung's "2 million" which they already admitted were shipments, and then they declined to give an exact number on sales. For the XOOM, we know that 250,000 were shipped, but again Moto declined to give an exact sell-out number. Those indicate that these tablets, which are admittedly the most marketed ones (at least in the US) have paltry sales (if they sold out or sold 90% of shipped, wouldn't they announce it?). Like I said a 4500% increase is wholly unbelievable based on the numbers (or lack thereof) of the "heavily" marketed Gtab and Xoom. Are the other tablets picking up the slack? If so, why aren't we hearing about them?

    That's not to say that Android tablets wont eventually take a huge chunk of share, but there is no logical reason why they would be at 30% share right now. That's just ridiculous.
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    People may not be giving android tablets a chance because let's be honest...people aren't that bright and they're followers, they'd rather pay twice the price for a product that's just advertised a lot.

    Android devices might be selling for cheap so they can hook people with their low prices and in the long run increase prices, when people begin to understand the good things about android. Same thing happened with phones as well. Plenty of android phones right now sell as much as the top of the line iphone.

    I love the transformer the only thing that bothers me is that u sort of need the dock...no usb port but from what I understand at least there's a sd card slot. No hdmi, just a mini hdmi which u probably have to buy on your own. I also like file manager on the toshiba which u can probably get from the market on transformer. Rooting is also a concern, I read in the forum from someone that transformer is harder to root.

    But as far as numbers go who cares...android wasn't that hot two years ago but now 600,000 devices are activated a day.

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