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Everyone saying that "they only asked 3G users and therefore the Android Stats are wrong as well" are misunderstanding the survey. The question was do you plan to upgrade to a 4G device soon? And one of the options was, "I already have a 4G device"... so they were saying no i dont, because im already there. 34% of the ppl that have an iPhone answered this. 29% of android users answered this. And 24% of RIM owners answered this.

Now this means of all iPhone users polled, 34% think they have 4G, and of that 34%, 100% are wrong/misinformed. It means of all RIM users polled, 24% of them think they have 4G, and of that 24%, 100% of them are wrong. It means that of all the Android users polled, 29% of them think they have 4G. But not all of them are wrong... are some of them wrong? Probably. And going off of how many users overall are wrong (58% possibly skewed without knowing the full data set), probably about half of the users on Android that say they are already on 4G, aren't. So the real number of Android users on 4G is probably between 10% and 15%.
Yeah, the guy who wrote that "Mashable" article explaining the study was misinformed or interpreted the information incorrectly. If you go directly to the Retrivo site (who conducted the study) they say this:

At least some Android owners could be answering correctly as Android 4G phones like the HTC Evo 4G or Samsung Infuse 4G have been available for some time.
Confusion and Skepticism May Impede 4G Adoption | Retrevo
If this is the case, I think its a skewed study. Doesn't really make sense to ask people who actually do have 4G, and then compare them to people who have no chance of having 4G. I think we'd see the results would be pretty similar if you asked people who definitely didn't have 4G android phones or you wait until iPhone gets a 4G iteration and youd find android users are no smarter then any other group.

There's no evidence to suggest that android users are smarter then iOS or RIM users and I'll never understand why people continue to say that they are. The average smartphone user (including members of this very forum) have no idea what any of these specs mean, nor do they care.

This is the point im trying to make, the poll wasnt whether or not the users had 4G. it was "do you plan to upgrade to 4G in the future?". So, no it was not a skewed study. they only asked if users had 4G so that they could toss those users responses to the side and get to the actual basis of the study, which was if users planned on getting a 4G phone in the future.