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I need to see this phone and get a feel for it. Some of these new phones just feel cheaply made. If this one is like the D1, it could be a big hit.

It may be a great alternative to the Bionic. I like the keyboard also. If the processor can run quick enough, I'm not sure 512mb of ram is a problem. Not having 4G is no big deal if you do not live in/near one of the large cities.
According to Verizon 4g LTE will be EVERYWHERE in 2012, so really why bother with 3g phones anymore when you will most likely have 4g next year?

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the huge assed phones for one reason (4G current crop). Price another.

For someone from a feature phone, the 3G speed is a vast upgrade if they didn't have any. so far streaming video and music online hasn't been an issue on my 3G phone.