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Thread: [Rumor] Verizon May Charge Full Price for Warranty Phones if Rooted; VZW Denies

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    [Rumor] Verizon May Charge Full Price for Warranty Phones if Rooted; VZW Denies

    A recent report over on MyDroidWorld suggests that Verizon may now be charging customers full price for phones under warranty, if you bring it back and it has been rooted. Supposedly, several users tried to return their phones for warranty work, but were charged the full price to replace the phones because Verizon determined they were rooted.

    However, a separate report from Droid-Life that was tied to the same story indicates that Droid-Life was contacted by Verizon themselves and that Big Red denies that they even check to see if a phone is rooted. The representatives from VZW said they only check three things when a phone comes in for warranty, and rooting isn't one of them. Here's a quote from the Droid-Life article with the details,
    Our friends at Verizon saw this post and wanted to reach out to clarify everything immediately. First up, is the fact that their policy says absolutely nothing about checking for root on devices. When a phone is received, a phone is checked for three things and that definitely isnít one of them. They check to see if the box that the device was sent in is damaged, if the outside of the phone looks awful, and if it powers on Ė satisfy all of those and they move on to the next phone. So basically, these reports of being charged for a rooted phone simply mean that these people were sending in garbage phone with defects.
    Hmmm... we will keep a watch on this to see if anything different develops confirming either position.

    Source: MyDroidWorld and Droid-Life
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    ....so if they don't check for root, does rooting void your warranty?....
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    I was in a VZW store a few weeks ago and showed them my D1 with CyanogenMod on it. No one cared, one the sales guys thought it was awesome.
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    I think the "warranty" is void after Root, but if you pay the Asurion protection, they don't need to check for root, and they can give you a new phone for the "replacement" price.

    So if you are rooted, and your screen shatters, I don't think they have an issue with sending a replacement, unless the rep doesn't like you,.....
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    So we can root are phones and still get a new replacement? nices. now i don't have to sbf back...lols im still gunna do it for good measure.

    I have also taken rooted Droid X, with a custom rom on it, to a verizon store...they didn't care and sent me a new phone.

    AND there is a post very very similar to the one above in the Droid Forums New Dept.
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