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JavaScript?! And Macs crash because of Flash? I don't recall my Windows XP ever crashing because of Flash. Maybe Microsoft knows how to handle plugin-related errors better than Apple :^)

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Not saying I agree with what he's saying, just pointing out that you said "nothing to do with technology vulnerability" when that is one of the reasons he didn't do it...Flash is garbage. We can deny it all we want, but its true. Full of exploits, laggy and it crashes plenty on Windows. I have more success with running Flash on Linux then I do with windows.

Now on the flip side when iPhans say "I don't use flash anyway so I don't care" that's BS too. It's called cognitive dissonance and both sides practice it quite nicely (although one side does it far more, and it's not the Apple side haha). if flash did exist on iPhone, iPhans would be happy, so trying to act like they don't care is idiotic too.

Regardless of that, again though, Flash is crappy. I agree with Jobs that it would only make the iPhone worse not better (IMO it certainly didn't make my Android experience better and obviously I'm not the only one who thinks that).
I'm one of the people that thought "Flash would be awesome!!!" and waited for a while for D1 to get Froyo... Then I got flash and figured out, "my internet was better without all these damn banner ads anyway!!!".

It's cool to have the "full internet" to show off, but basically that's all it is... It gives no practical benefit, and opens security holes. I'd rather not have it and use the other pointless "show off" app... Google Earth.
Oh I agree...I thought it would be awesome too, but its really just bragging rights (which is why I don't buy it when iphans say they don't care about it). But the truth is flash is garbage and there's a lot of denial in the android community when it comes to its effectiveness and a lot of denial on the ios side on whether they really care or not haha