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Thread: [Rumor] Verizon Steps Up Detecting & Stopping Unapproved Tethering with Gingerbread

  1. Master Droid
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    Me I honestly hate Verizon for crap like this but they have awesome covereage and some of the best phones which is why I am with them...how ever when I get the chance you can be guarenteed I do what I can to "stick it to the man"I don't really use a lot if data 2-4 gigs a month most of it is from downloading music from my phone. So I'm not really on their top wanted list but I take a jab at em every now and then just to.put the tiniest.dent in their pockets

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    The only device I really tether anymore is my Xoom tablet. And I don't use wireless tether or PDAnet or Barnacle..etc. I use the Bluetooth method. I never get redirected...havent since the GB update either (on the Droid X)
    The connection is quick and fast as my 3G on the phone.
    I have no clue how they are detecting this info...whether its a kernel module or an apk or what...but I have no issues.
    I don't know what criteria (if any) is necessary for the "redirected to VZW page" to happen.
    I recently looked at my past bills and I have NEVER even gone over 1 gb/month. So I'm not even coming close to triggering any red flags. At least I hope not.

    I'm curious to see what VZW would say about that form of tethering. Two Motorola devices that have the free option built in...probably under-utilized also.
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    Is this crackdown only for rooted phones doing wifi hotspots?

    I use pdanet on occasion
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