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Thread: Nvidia CEO: Why Android tablets aren't selling

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    For me its apps there are just way more apps for the ipad and higher quality apps to boot. I think with the new os's for android devices and being able to scale apps for tablets will help a great deal.

    I have had a nook color modded ofcourse and a viewsonic gtab but my ipad is just better. Now i do really want the galaxy tab 10.1 but i hope they get netflix working on all devices...

    I can now stream on my droid x which is very nice but my jailbroken ipad with hdmi out tweak displays netflix beautifully.
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    A couple weeks after the Xoom first dropped, I stopped in the local Best Buy to check it out. When I went in there, I couldn't find it...looked in the mobile area where they had all the other tablets, it wasn't there. Roamed around the PC area...nope...finally found it on a shelf with some of the netbooks. It seemed like they placed it there as an afterthought and didn't put much planning into it's location. At the time, it was still a new product and I would've thought it should be prominently displayed with adequate signage and what-not. But nope...this thing was just "stuck in a corner" with no real merchandising put into it. It's almost like they didn't *want* to sell any.

    And I definitely agree that the $800 price tag didn't help matters either. Big put-off for many as seen here.

    I guess I can kinda share a sentiment from an earlier post...it seems to me that a tablet is just a "toy"...kind of an in-between. Bigger than a smartphone but not quite as powerful as a laptop or netbook. Maybe a few years ago when I had more money to throw around I would've picked one up by now just for kicks, but the more I think about them and their "real-world" use, I don't know if I can justify having one. But, that's just me.
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    Who needs a " secondary/ oversized phone" my phone can do everything a tablet can do, plus it fits in my pocket. Only the super geeks want tablets, the majority are satisfied with just a phone. Another point to consider is owning another device that will become outdated shortly. It's bad enough buying a new phone every year.

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