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Thread: Contest: Gemini Giveaway

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    Contest: Gemini Giveaway

    By now you guys know we love to bring apps that are generally not talked about to the spotlight if they are worth the time, so now we have another cool app that you may not know about. This one is called Gemini, and it’s one of the very few Calendar replacements that has a few amazingly cool features that might make you want to start using a calendar again.

    The features:
    · synchronization to Google Calendar online, you can select any number of calendars you have on Google website
    · touch-to-see method of browsing calendar data, on a Month View you can easily see all the events that are happening on the given day - just touch the day you are interested in,
    · innovative date input, you do not cover the data with your own fingers, just select the field you want to change and move your finger along the "touch pad",
    · inteligent event adding, most parameters is set automatically, depending on what action you take,
    · copy and paste calendar event, duplicating your sophisticated calendar events has never been so easy ! see Tips&Tricks section
    · easy multiday events adding, just by dragging from the first day to the last day of event, see example in Tips&Tricks section
    · up to 8 reminders for a single event,
    · recurring events can be set in a more complicated manner, such us: biweekly, every 3 days, every second Monday, every 3 Months on second Friday etc., see example in Tips&Tricks section
    · attendees (guests) displayed in the event details view, email addresses are active, so you can send emails to your guests by just one click,
    · configurable first day of week (Monday or Sunday),
    · configurable date and time format,
    · adding events from Call Log, related to phone's call history,
    · adding events from Phone Book, to set events with regards to one of phone's contacts,
    · receiving text from third party applications like Google Maps or Note Everything,
    · viewing and editing calendar events can be started from the third party widgets, providing the Author of the widget implemented the standard view and edit intents,
    · receiving Location from Maps,
    · clicking Location displays Maps
    · day view, event details,
    · three different widgets,
    If you’re interested in winning 1/10 copy of this app, reply and tell us why we should give it to you. Like before, following me on twitter doesn’t hurt your chances , but otherwise, enjoy and I look forward to the replies.
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  3. Droid
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    its more like a request than a persuasive reason...

    but my motoblur calendar stopped working and endless calendar apps cant do me the justice of the blur functionality.. but this one seems to be up to par and maybe even of surpassing quality.. itd be a nice addition to my d2's app drawer
  4. Junior Droid
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    I've already purchased the app, but wanted to share that its the best calendar app I''ve found. The features and functionality are great. Highly recommend getting it, especially if you can manage a free copy.
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  5. Droid
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    I was going to make up some mess like I'm one of Santa's elves and I need this to keep that fat man in line...but funny hasn't worked for me in any of the other giveaways..so I'm going to shoot straight on this one. I'm a volunteer youth baseball coach and I keep all my practices, games, meetings and Pizza Parties on my calendar so I don't forget. I have 3 kids in three different leagues and trying to keep track of all their games and practices is a mess. The stock calendar on my droid pretty much sucks. I keep track of all my kids on my team through Gmail and this thing would just make my life sooooo much easier. Please...Please pick me. If you do...I might start following you on Twitter!!!
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    I, like a certain famous person, am addicted to winning!
    Trying to remember birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, appointments, and get-togethers with friends are some of the many challenges other people face. Me, I just need it to remember to get out of bed... ...well maybe I could find other uses for it...
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    Gemini Calendar

    I just download the free version of this app because I say it on the forum's home page. I had been looking for a replacement calendar app because the stock calendar app just doesn't have a lot of features. I didn't know there was a giveaway until the next morning.

    I love the ability to see the monthly calendar along with the daily entries. Interface is smooth, the widget is cool and looks well with another widget I am using.

    I use my Google calendar to keep track of all my appointments and household tasks.

    Still playing with the app, but so far do not have any complaints about it.
  8. Droid
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    3 kids, end of school programs, summer camps, prom, graduation, 6 days worth of events out of 7 needing to keep tabs on. A good calendar would make it easier than sticky notes !
  9. Master Droid
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    i need it otherwise i will go back to printing out my calendar from the internet!


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