If you should ever be in the unenviable position of having to have your HTC device repaired after you are out of warranty, the kind folks over at XDA Developers have created a thread that provides a dynamically growing list of authorized HTC repair centers throughout the world. Live in Texas and need to get your favorite HTC Incredible repaired... its there. Traveling to New Zealand or Bangalore and you drop your phone after you get off the plane? Hey look, they have em there too. If you don't see your area on the list, and you know where to get repairs, you too can help improve it. Here are their instructions for adding to the list:
Here we ( me and orb3000 ) want to make a compilation of the service centers/repair centers of the various manufacturers ( of which the devices are listed on XDA).

So please contribute and we will add it to the first post.

Format should be Continent- Country- City- Full address ( and contact details if available ).

Start posting.
Here is the 'List thread'. How very thoughtful of them.

Source: XDA