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Thread: Happy B-Day Google Translate, Have Some 'Conversation Mode' Cake

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    Happy B-Day Google Translate, Have Some 'Conversation Mode' Cake

    Google Translate turns a year old today, and as a present to us, gets a new feature... 'Conversation Mode'. This feature is still in the experimental phase, but if they can pull it off, seems pretty ridiculously awesome! The gist of it is that each person in a conversation talks into the Android device and it translates each side for the other person. It only works for Spanish and English right now, and not at 100% yet, but if this thing evolves... Can you say, 'Star Trek Universal Translator' in our lifetime?!? Wow! Are we really this close to completely eradicating the language barriers? That'll be one of the biggest birthday presents to the whole world!

    Here's a video demonstration of the tech in action (kinda long):

    Source: Google
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    LOL...Yeah, it's a cool little feature but if it's anything like GV transcripts I wouldn't want to have to rely on it. You'll be trying to ask someone where to find a bathroom and end-up getting directions to a seedy part of town with drugs and hookers. Don't know, perhaps for some that would be a happy mistake.
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    I actually watched the whole thing and it was very informative. I have often wished that I could speak multiple languages to just so I could talk to people pretty much everywhere I go, and sometimes, just to know what people are whispering and saying in another language. Although this won't help me know what people are saying in another language and in a conversation I'm not directly involved in, it will help me speak to most anyone in the US which is awesome!
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    Whoever comes up with the ideas at google needs the nobel prize and a six figure raise

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    Awesome, now we need to have one in Chinese to English so we can understand what those chicks behind the counter at Panda Express are saying about us.
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    Mexico here I come! lawlz.... That's neat.


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