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Thread: Logitech Revue Rooted - Requires Hardware Mod

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    Logitech Revue Rooted - Requires Hardware Mod

    If you've been anxiously awaiting for the day that a Google TV device had been rooted then wait no longer. A team of developers from the GTVhacker.com Wiki have done just that. The only downside is that the hack is rather involved and requires hardware modifications and some solder work. How exactly did they do it? Well, have a read:

    Quote Originally Posted by GTV Hacker
    The reason this is possible is due to the “out of factory” state of the Logitech Revue boxes not disabling the UART port on the board and allowing access to a root shell in recovery mode. After discovering this we were able to reverse the update files and manually upgrade the Revue to the most recent update. The attached files are our output of all the effort put forward by our team. Also as a notice to anyone performing the update, we are not responsible for any harm that may come of your box as an outcome of running our scripts. We will attempt to help you with any issues you may experience and have tried to make the process as safe as possible. Also if you have any suggestions or ideas on how we can make this process better please feel free to drop by our IRC channel and tell us.

    The manual-update.sh script is our attempt at duplicating the process done by the GTV scripts that update the box in recovery mode. There are also a few miscellaneous tweaks done to assure applications load correctly, backups are made, and that the box doesn’t auto-update. Some portions of the script do things such as flash parts of the NAND so make sure you do not short circuit your box or accidentally remove power during the manual-update process.
    You can find out more at their website here: Steps to get root - GTV Hacker

    (Source: Logitech Revue Rooted - Requires Hardware Mod & Google TV Forums)
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    Still hoping for a software mod. Even if I had this device I would rather not open it up if I didn't have to. Although it is real cool that they rooted the device.

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    I understand the benefits to rooting my phone but what are the benefits of rooting the revue? I have been very seriously toying with the idea of buying one so I am just curious what this would do for me. I certainly wouldn't do it this way but if it were to be some sort of software to do this, maybe so.
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    lol to the Required Tools

    - Soldering Iron
    - USB->TTL or similar board/setup (An Arduino in tristate mode works great)
    - 4 wires to attach board to TTL board
    - Terminal program (Minicom for Linux or Putty for Windows) A USB Drive (At least 1gb, 2+gb Recommended)

    I don't think I'm going to be trying this on my Revue anytime soon (See also: Never). Hoping a software mod comes out once the app store opens and development gets serious. That is, if rooting even has any real benefit on GTV (hulu hack anyone?)


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