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Thread: Howto setup rsync

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    Howto setup rsync

    Basic instructions were taken from kevdogs ssh post. Thanks kevdog.

    #1 - Phone has been rooted: - Search forums if unsure how to do this
    #2 - Busybox has been installed - Again search forums for method
    #3 - ADB (Android Debug Bridge) is installed on host computer - (Step isn't absolutely necessary if a program such as Android Terminal Emulator: androidterm - Project Hosting on Google Code is installed, however I personally find it a lot easier to install and debug using adb).


    mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock4 /system
    #1 - Download rsync from here
    #2 - Unzip the executable rsync to /sdcard/
    #3 - mv /sdcard/rsync /system/xbin/rsync

    mount -o remount,ro -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock4 /system
    You now have a working rsync client. Unfortunately, rsync over ssh is not yet available. The next goal is to port openssh so this is possible.
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    Great info - more things you'd never think you'd be able to do with your phone..
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    got it working well on bionic

    My phone is rooted.

    I had to copy a file containing my password to the same folder as the rsync bin file. I also had to chmod 600 the file.

    So copy rsync to /system/xbin and, in my case, rsyncd_passwd to /system/xbin

    Then chmod 600 /system/xbin/rsyncd_passwd

    then remount to ro.

    Also another note is I couldn't use the archive "-a" switch. I could do this:

    rsync -rv --delete --password-file=/system/xbin/rsyncd_passwd "/mnt/" "myname@myhouse.com::/"

    On a side note, this is not encrypted. Rsync on port 873 defaults to just compression. This doesn't rsync over ssh yet. Someone has to have openssh for android first or something smaller.

    AGAIN this is what I had to do to make this work. I am still working on getting a cron or some other scheduler to run this @daily for me. This is great! I have linux functionality on MY FREAKIN PHONE!
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    Since you resurrected an old thread and was asking about rsync and ssh.......

    Android RSYNC over SSH to Linux | schlü.tech



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