Moto Droid running CM6.1 RC3 and P3 kernel, but results are the same regardless of the ROM/kernel.

So I get good battery life, 15-20 hours on afull charge, nothing to complain about.

What is weird though is when I am fully charged, after overnight, in about 2-3 hours my phone has dropped from 100% to 70%. This is with LIGHT usage for the most part.

Then..with HEAVIER usage it takes like 5 hours to drop from 70-50%.

Then it seems it takes even longer to go from 50-20%. I try to kill my phone's battery and it still takes FOREVER for it to drain when its below 50% battery.

Definitly takes at least 3x as long to drain from 50%-0% than it does 100%-50%.

1) I am using one SetCPU profile for screen off, so its not clocking down at low levels or anything.

2) I have reset "Battery Stats" and let the phone drain/charge complety several times.

Thanks for any advice.