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If you are using ClockworkMod as your recovery (which if I read your post correctly that is what you said) then you cannot install UltimateDroid. UD requires that you run SPRecovery to install it. That is easy to fix but a bit confusing to a new rooted person.
Many people have flashed UD threw clockwork including me and not had any problems.
+1 On CWM... pretty much thats the only recovery that I use, I hardly use SPR

@ soccerdude6227
Glad that you were able to flash a custom ROM, UD its an awesome ROM with tons of customization, now that you have a custom ROM try flashing a Theme on top of that, I could suggest Watermarkd or rEVOlution for UD, both awesome themes.

Check it out ...

UD 8
rEVOlution Theme
Launcher PRO Plus
Chevy UL 1.2 Ghz kernel