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Thread: Can't find good kernel (am I doing something wrong?)

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    Can't find good kernel (am I doing something wrong?)

    I am new to rooting and tried to read up on it as much as possible. I know certain kernels don't play nice with certain ROMs and/or phones.

    I recently put Liquid Frozen Yogurt v1.6 on my phone. It runs very fast with the default slayher kernel but it seems to be draining my battery fairly quickly. I read that ChevyNo1 makes good kernels for froyo.

    I tried both lowV and ulowV .8GHz kernels and they both slow my phone down so much. Boot time takes around 5 minutes and it takes about 5 seconds to swipe to a different screen.

    So what can be the problem? Is it that Chevy kernels don't work with LFY? Is it that the Chevy kernels don't work on my phone? Do I have to give the phone some time before it works faster? Am I flashing the kernel wrong? (don't think it's this one).

    I understand that going from stock cpu of 500MHz to LFY 800MHz will cause the battery to drain faster. But it seems to be draining a bit too fast for my type of usage compared to stock 2.2.

    I found slayher kernels on cyanogenmod forums but those look like they have a chance of screwing up my wifi...not sure if I want to deal with that right now.

    I guess I'm fine leaving it the way it is and just adapting to the new battery drainage...which isn't bad by the way (I can go about 2 days with my usage compared to 3-4 with stock).

    PS - This might be a stupid question but do the higher voltage kernels use up more battery than the lower ones? It seems like it would.


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