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Thread: Just bored and have a question

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    Just bored and have a question

    I recently themed my swype keyboard to make it black by following instructions from a thread on this forum. It required me to use Metamorph to unzip the file and apply the theme. The app worked exactly the way it should. And so i was just wondering.. do people use metamorph that much anymore? Or is everything handled now pretty much through spr and clockwork?
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    I think MM is still being used a lot. I think it is mainly used for themes and such but I see a lot still using it.
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    I still use MM it is an invaluable tool, say you have a MM file to theme Swype and Swype gets updated, all you have to do to retheme it is run your MM again

    If you depended on update.zip's to do this everytime an app was updated you would have to pull it apart, retheme it on a computer and then run it again as an update.zip or resign the package

    Update.zip's are great for entire themes where as MetaMorph is not but for a simple theme for a single .apk MM is still king IMO


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