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Thread: Why do you love your Rooted Phone?

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    Smile Why do you love your Rooted Phone?

    Hey forum. I was just wondering what is your favorite part about having a rooted droid, and/or what have you done that only root uses can do?

    I am asking this, because i have a rooted D1. Lately i have just been wanting to unroot it, and get it back to stock and running as fast as it was when i first got it. I am just getting some ideas why i shouldn't unroot. I was running ud 7 and recently updated to ud 8, and then after a while i just installed a stock 2.2 rom.Thanks Guys.
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    1. It's faster and smoother
    2. Tethering
    3. I can do what Motorola intended, not just what Verizon wishes.
  4. Master Droid
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    CUSTOMIZATION!!! i luv being able to switch to a different rom anytime i want to switch up the feel and look of my phone and the power to switch back if im not satisfied with my choice or i can even go vanilla if i wish to...and being able to control the speed at which my droid runs is key also, more power or less its All up to me...hey vanilla is good but when theres sooooo many different flavors to choose why be stuck on just one...BUT thats me...the choice is yours!
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    I had to root because I only could get the Droid contingent on my being able to get WiFi tethering.

    So, um, tethering.

    And overclocking, and my custom ROM, and the theme I'm going to put on when the next stable version of my ROM hits and it gets themed, and SPRecovery so I can make backups in case something goes bonkers.
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    The ability to make my Droid as fast and look just as new as a droid X or a droid 2......and also to convert other droid 1 users to root lol
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    Customization overclocking scripts hackability and the satisfaction of having almost total control of every aspect of my droid.
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    I'm not adding anything new, except a platitude. Ownership. How many "stupid" phones have you owned....do you even remember the make/model? Not only can you make your phone completely personal, spend hours on research, always on the look out for that outside the box app, but it becomes truly personal. Rooting a Droid is my way of peeing on bushes. It is mine and mine alone.


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