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Can anyone plz help? 2.1 firmware update-1 I have followed the directions to a tee. I used RSD lite and i installed the 64-bit drivers (i am running in 64). I am using the sbf file given it passes with 100% only after it says manual reboot then i have to restart w/ boot loader for it to complete. I install update.zip to the root. Hold the X, restore, install, allow, update. Restart. When I go to activate it says welcome to US Cellular even though I use Verizon. It will not let me auto activate. I have gone in and manually activated through the programming menu. I have a triangle up by my signal strenght like u get when the phone is not activated and I no longer recieve 3G data. Has anyone heard of this. This is my second time around with this same problem on two different phones (new one is a warrenty) Is there anyone that can help me with this.

I am also getting the same. I want to use the phone with Reliance cdma india. I am also getting welcome to reliance and then there is a message that cannot activate the phone so please help by telling how you activated it manually through programming menu. Please help me I am struggling a lot with this. Should I get something min, mdn etc from my operator to activate it manually if so please tell me what are the things required and how should I do it. I will be thankful if you help me with this.