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Thread: Wiping cache and data?

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    Wiping cache and data?

    im running BB v0.4 at the moment, if I were to flash a different rom that required me to wipe cache and data, would I still be able to flash my various backups of BB v0.4 and just get everything back? or do i need titanium backup to restore my apps and such if i were to wipe cache and data, use a different rom, and reflash back to BB?

    also is a nandroid backup different than a backup that rom manager makes? to do a nandroid backup do i need to go into recovery mode? thanks
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    A backup made in ROM Manager is a complete image of your phone - that is, if you completely wipe everything off your phone, run other ROMs, etc., you can restore that backup and your phone will be just as it was when you did the backup .... sort of.

    I have found that every time I restore a backup after having used another ROM for a while, my Gmail sync is messed up, and the only way to get it working again is to go into the application settings, and "clear data" on the Gmail app and let it re-sync my Gmail. By "messed up" I mean I don't get notified of new mail reliably, when I do read a message it isn't marked read, and when I reply to or send a message it sits there "Sending" in my outbox indefinitely.

    Another thing I've seen occasionally - not every time like the Gmail thing - is that my apps2sd won't restore properly from time to time: they are listed in the applications, but they just have the generic Android icon, and there's no icon in the drawer. Apps installed in internal memory are all restored.

    Other than those couple things your backup should bring your phone back to the condition it was in before. And like I said the apps2sd thing is not every time, and I haven't made any correlation to when it happens vs when it doesn't. I stopped using apps2sd for this and other reasons, but your mileage may vary.

    Also, the backups made in ROM Manager are actually nandroid backups, they just don't call them nandroid in the app. If you were to boot into recovery mode, one of the items on the menu is nandroid, and that is where you would go to restore your backups if for some reason you couldn't boot your phone.


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