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Thread: Unique overheating after rom root

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    Unique overheating after rom root

    Looked for this answer in other areas, and I can't find it. Previous to my original droid overheating (fall down go boom) I was running Cyanogen via Rom Manager. It didn't matter what ROM I changed to, my phone was overheating. I was very careful to never run past 600mhz. In fact, I tried to avoid ROM's that were overclocked. Never loaded processor intensive apps. Never on the phone for anything for any length of time. I began getting bubbles on the back of the touchscreen. I noticed it when I was using the qwerty keyboard. Also my battery compartment was melting the adhesive where the black magnet deal was. It was messing up my orientation. My "soft" keyboard then simply shut down or went nuts whenever I turned it on.

    Luckily I flashed it back to stock and was able to get another one from Verizon. So, here I am waiting for the 2.2 push that appears to be as glacial in coming as 2.1. So I am thinking of rooting again. However, I am reluctant due to what happened last time. If I do decide to root, does anyone out there have a ROM that won't cook the phone? Or do you guru's out there think the phone itself was the issue? Was it Cyanogen?

    Thanks for helping a noob.
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    Something must have been wrong with the phone I've run just about every rom out there and I never have my phone under 800mhz unless the screen is off or it's charging and will go as high as 1.2ghz and i've never had any type of real temperature problem
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    While I'm no guru (by far), I can say that was definitely just a one-time phone freak. With the amount of success to failure ratio on these forums, and others, it seems your phone was just.. weird. Don't be afraid to give it another shot, and if for some strange reason it happens again, then you can always go back to stock. Try running Bugless Beast 0.4 with one of Chevy's ULV kernels.. Should work pretty well. Good luck.


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