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Thread: Little help with Rom Manager

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    Little help with Rom Manager

    So I rooted last night and it all went surprisingly easy. Following a couple of guides I found here and on droid life, I went and downloaded rom manager, getting the free one and the paid one.

    I downloaded BB0.4 using the rom manager and it went through and downloaded and reset, but nothing changed. Is there a step I'm missing? I've watched a few video guides of using rom manager and when they go to click on BB, a lot of different options pop up, asking for what kernel you want and what theme, but I don't get that. What gives?

    I've followed the guides as I mentioned above and am currently running 2.2 Sapphire-0.7.0-Droid.
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    When you flash any new ROM, make sure the settings to do a wipe are checked. For some reason, some ROMs might need another 1 or 2 flashes - not sure why.
    As far as the other stuff, BB now offers some overclock kernels. I recommend you don't get it until a little later since you are new to rooting and such. Play with things for a while first. Overclocking can fry your processor if you aren't careful. It does speed things up sometimes though, but takes some tweaking. The rest might be bundled apps or themes. I use Simply Stunning 4.4 so not sure of what the pop ups might be but those are the usual ones.
    Try re-doing the ROM install and make sure you wipe, wipe, wipe.

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