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Thread: Overclock kernels

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    Overclock kernels

    Hello all,

    P3Droid Kernels

    I'm still on the fence about rooting. I have a question about these kernels. Can anyone explain what these numbers mean? I keep hearing people say that they are OC'd on 1.1ghz or 1ghz, 800ghz, etc.. but which ones are you guys using?

    Looking at the kernels, there are two different speed of 125mhz and 250mhz? When I root, I only plan on putting Froyo and if I don't like it, use a launcherpro as the launcher. OC it to take advantage of the speed. I don't care for any of the other roms.

    Which one are you guys using for those of you that are just using Froyo? Can you let me know which speed, and which OC speed? i.e. 125mhz at 1ghz, etc..?
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    I'm using the 1Ghz kernel but I run between 500 and 700 MHz.

    Clock frequency, relatively speaking, is how fast is your processor. If you root, you'll need an app like SetCPU along with one of those kernels to mess around with the clock speed.

    Personally, I don't overclock to make my phone super fast. FroYo is much faster on its own. It's just that when I load Froyo, it defaulted to 250 MHz or so, and I needed to use one of those kernels and SetCPU to bring it up to a decent speed.

    Droids running 2.0, 2.01 or 2.1 run at 500 Mhz.
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    Ok so what i like to do is i like to have a 125mhz-1ghz kernel.

    The reason for the 125mhz is because it will help save battery by lowering the minimum speed the CPU will operate. So with SetCPU u will be able to set up profiles.

    Profiles are where u will be able to really get the most out of ur phone and not really have to worry about battery.

    I have my phone run 1ghz, but I also have other profiles set so when my batter drops to say... 60% it will switch over to 700mhz.

    well anyway, heres what my profiles look like, and with this i can get about 13-19 hours of battery.
    *Always have ur "min" to ur lowest*
    1ghz Max
    125 Max
    ~Now u have batter profiles~
    -Power < 60%
    800 Max
    -Power < 40%
    Failsafe (important)

    So when u are overclocking, u will get heat, thats what this failsafe is for!
    I'm scared to ever leave my OG Droid!
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    im using chevys ulv 1.25ghz and i love it.
    rom= lfy 1.95
    kernel= p3droid 1.1
    theme= luna with hints of gold
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    Quote Originally Posted by mgrover1 View Post
    im using chevys ulv 1.25ghz and i love it.
    Chevy's ULV 1.25ghz is awesome for froyo. I don't keep my phone OC'd at 1.25 though, I keep it at 1k ghz and 250 ghz minimum.


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