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Thread: Stuck at Droid eye screen

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    Angry Stuck at Droid eye screen

    Ok so heres the deal. I was flashing the Team Chaos Clean Black Theme over the TC 1.0 Froyo ROM. I've been flashing roms with Rom manager for about 4 months or so and never had this problem.

    The phone rebooted, was supposed to back up the rom i had, and then flash the theme... what it ended up doing was reboot, hang at the M logo for a little while, quick reboot (screen went black for a second and then back to the M logo), back to the M logo, then it starts up the boot animation and just hangs. Its been waiting on this screen for like 30 minutes now.

    I can not boot into recovery (Clockwork latest version). If I try to go into recovery it will show the M logo, hang, then reboot real quick and go to the eye and do nothing.

    I have a bunch of backups on my sd card that I could flash back to..... if i could get into recovery.

    I'm kinda flipping out thinking that I'm going to have to start from scratch and re-root, etc. What can I do here?


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    pull the battery an try powering up normally. not into recovery see if that works first
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    This happened to me, too. At the bootanimation it was actually looping (I was using a custom boot animation where I could distinctly tell when it started over, it might be looping on yours and you just can't tell because of your animation). Only thing I could do was RSDLite back to 2.0.1 stock, re-root, reinstall recovery, restore backup. Whole process took like 20 minutes, not counting downloading the sbf. Maybe not even that long. You could possibly just sbf sprecovery and restore with that, but I'm not sure (I've never looked into flashing an sprecovery sbf, but I remember it being talked about in IRC or on a forum thread somewhere).

    Edit: Once you get working, when you're in 2.2, you have to flash CW recovery, then flash sprecovery, then flash CW recovery in order to get it to work properly. It's a known issue. If you just try flashing CW recovery itself once (which you get prompted to do the first time you open ROM Manager), it borks your recovery, which leads to not being able to get into recovery. I don't know if it's been fixed yet, but judging by your problem I would assume not. I'm not sure why the bootanimation loop; it happened to me when I changed fonts (manually, not through a script or anything), but I have since changed fonts on a 2.2 ROM (I think the second time was on a ROM from the second leak where the first time was the first leak) and had no problems. Shrug.
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    I don't know much about ROM Manager other then the fact that I see so many problems with it I wouldn't use it, but someone with the same situation last night fixed it simply by updating their ROM Manager. This mystified me since I thought the update had to come from the Market, but hey, maybe there's another way.
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