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Thread: noob hacker, couple questions

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    noob hacker, couple questions

    If someone doesn't mind taking a few minutes to share their extensive knowledge that would be awesome!

    I'm a moto droid BB v0.1 p3 1.2gHz low voltage kernel w/ clean black....

    I installed pete's froyo bb early on so I'm going to wipe and re-install since I think he worked out a few issues....anyway, question one: by doing a wipe of data and cache, should I ever do a total wipe back to factory settings (wipe data/factory reset) or will I lose root? Or should I go into clockworkmod recovery -partitions menu, then format data and format cache? What I'm trying to say is how can I get the cleanest wipe cache and data, but still keep root access, then install bb v0.1. (BTW I say clockwork mod recovery because I like it better than SPRecovery...I just know my way around it much better).

    Question 2: I'll probably sound pretty stoopid but what is the deal with .APK? is that the suffix for applications? and if so, how do I navigate that? Where do apk file go on the SD card?

    One more: If I have 15 backups, should I delete some? Do they take up a lot of room, or no need? Do I need to delete older roms that Im not going to use any mroe or do they get replaced by the new one?
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    if you wipe data and cache you will not loose root..

    apk is file extension for our apps see this thread

    no need to keep 15 backups but if you got room on sd card why not.. i keep about 3

    btw dont call yourself a noob we all are the droid has been rooted for only 6 months or so
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    Thanks Justin, so if I go to factory reset I won't lose root? or should go to format cache and format data in CMR? I like how bb froyo is, but it doesnt seem to be as lightning fast as zippy as bb1.1 for me...

    I feel like a noob because a lot of the stuff on this forum that people are talking about is way over my head (for now)

    How do I get wifi tether to work? I have it on there natively but it force closes the second I open it...well maybe it'll work when I reload bb0.1...or is there some other piece of the puzzle?


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