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Like I said before, I'm using a stock rooted rom, why would I lie?
You already admitted earlier that you were using CM.

I'm not trying to flame you here man but it's impossible to get unbiased and fair reviews of the many roms out there. Either everyone is being too nice and don't want to be too critical or people are blatant fanboys and make up things about one rom in-order to praise another.

I was simply correcting incorrect statements so people wouldn't be mislead. I'm no fan of BB but it's a very stable rom assuming you don't screw up the installation. It's a barebones basic rom, if you can't get it to run without constant FC's then you're doing it wrong...
So because I use two roms, I cant give an ubaised review? You know nothing about me. I am working on my own rom as a side project and I use CM to see what new cool features are available since it's using the newest code. Here you are calling people liars for giving their opinion on a rom. You my friend are the obvious fanboy and are flaming people for having opposing opinions. The hypothetical I threw out there was "maybe bugless beast isn't as bugless as it claims". If your name is Bugless Beast, maybe it should actually be bugless. In my opinion it's not as good as you fanboys claim. I could care less about who makes what. If it's good, it's good. Team chaos makes a great rom as well. Droidmod made such a good rom that a ton of people are still using it. I've used Chevy's roms and kernels for a long time. Why do you get so upset over this and continue to flame after I said I was unsubscribing to this thread? Do you feel like I have proved you wrong? If you have a problem with fanboys, take it up with them. Not someone who gives an opinion and their personal experience with a rom. Don't be so sensitive, and grow up. If you want to continue this conversation, send me a pm.