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Thread: Rewriting Droid Framework for 2800mAh Battery

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    Rewriting Droid Framework for 2800mAh Battery

    I am hoping to get some help from someone who has some experience in writing framework for the Droid specificially. There is a whole thread on how the Droid doesn't read the Seidio 26 or 2800 extended batterys correctly. I have one and this is true, when the phone thinks you have 5% left you really have hours of battery life left.If you restart the phone during this period of 5% reading the battery meter will go back up to 70% and slowly work back to 5% and stay there for hours, basically we go by the MV readings so it can be a guessing game

    I have started digging in the system/framework/framework-res.apk in hopes of finding a real solution. At first I thought I would just replace the battery icon .png's you know replace the 80% .png with the 100% .png and the 60% .png with the 80% and so forth, so even though the phone thinks my battery is at 60% the battery icon in the notification panel shows 80% and while it's at 80% it shows 100%

    The only downfall about this is it is far from accurate, it is more of a trick for the mind than a real solution. Next I started digging in the .xml files within the system/framework/framework-res.apk/res/drawable/ and found a file called battery_charge_fill.xml and one called stat_sys_battery.xml

    I wonder if these .xml files can be rewritten to read a 26 or 2800mAh extended battery, if I am even in the right files to do this, or if this is even possible

    Thanks in advance

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    Since Android is a portable platform not hardcoded for any one device, that seems redundant to have the battery max mAh hardcoded into the xml/frameworks. My hypothesis would be this:
    -The firmware on the phone is hard-set to report the original mAh of the original battery. Or;
    -The battery's firmware just mimics the original droids battery 'stats' to the OS to ensure compatibility.

    The way I would check would be to find another third party battery pack and attempt to check that in the OS. If you get reporting errors in a similar fashion, then you can narrow down if it's the battery or the phone. Modern batteries (atleast laptops) have an I/O with the host that tells the max charge and current mAh.

    Keep digging though. I'd love to be proven wrong since I've been looking into buying a new battery myself. ;]
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    You can more than likely find your answer in the kernel...
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    Adamz are you saying it's editable via kernel or that he will find out if it's locked via firmware/hardware in the kernel?


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