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Thread: Find Keyboard Key Offsets

  1. Droid Ninja
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    Find Keyboard Key Offsets

    I'm trying to mod the config file for doom for android so that the keys will match up with my game gripper and I've correlated the keys in the config file to the keys on the keyboard but theyre not what I need for the game gripper.

    Is there a utility like xmodmap (in linux) that I can use for android that will give me the offsets of any key I press?
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  2. dot
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    Keyboard.Key | Android Developers

    I think you can find what you're looking for in there.

    Bill M
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    brandon i'm confused. mine was wicked easy to set up and it all works perfectly. do you not realize there's the option in the emulators to set them up?

    EDIT: maybe it's just something to do with the doom game. carry on lol

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  4. Droid Ninja
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    Yea Corina its hard coded into the config file. Its a port from windows so theyre all defined into the config file and theyre in really bad places so Im going to setup the config file to match the game gripper and post it here for everyone to use

    Edit: I actually just looked at that link and it doesn't provide what I need, those are just java function calls...

    Heres what the section that I need to change looks like:
    # Key bindings
    key_right                 0xae
    key_left                  0xac
    key_up                    0x77
    key_down                  0x73
    key_menu_right            0x64
    key_menu_left             0x61
    key_menu_up               0x77
    key_menu_down             0x73
    key_menu_backspace        0x7f
    key_menu_escape           0x1b
    key_menu_enter            0xd
    key_strafeleft            0x61
    key_straferight           0x64
    key_fire                  0x9d
    key_use                   0x71
    key_strafe                0xb8
    key_speed                 0xb6
    key_savegame              0xbc
    key_loadgame              0xbd
    key_soundvolume           0xbe
    key_hud                   0x78
    key_quicksave             0xc0
    key_endgame               0xc1
    key_messages              0xc2
    key_quickload             0xc3
    key_quit                  0xc4
    key_gamma                 0xd7
    key_spy                   0xd8
    key_pause                 0xff
    key_autorun               0x72
    key_chat                  0x74
    key_backspace             0x7f
    key_enter                 0xd
    key_map                   0x7a
    key_map_right             0xae
    key_map_left              0xac
    key_map_up                0xad
    key_map_down              0xaf
    key_map_zoomin            0x69
    key_map_zoomout           0x6f
    key_map_gobig             0x70
    key_map_follow            0x66
    key_map_mark              0x6d
    key_map_clear             0x63
    key_map_grid              0x67
    key_map_rotate            0x72
    key_map_overlay           0x6f
    key_reverse               0x65
    key_zoomin                0x3d
    key_zoomout               0x2d
    key_chatplayer1           0x67
    key_chatplayer2           0x69
    key_chatplayer3           0x62
    key_chatplayer4           0x72
    key_weapontoggle        0x30
    key_weapon1               0x31
    key_weapon2               0x32
    key_weapon3               0x33
    key_weapon4               0x34
    key_weapon5               0x35
    key_weapon6               0x36
    key_weapon7               0x37
    key_weapon8               0x38
    key_weapon9               0x39
    key_screenshot            0x2a
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