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Thread: Conversation about Rooting Droid 2.1

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    Conversation about Rooting Droid 2.1

    Ok- first a disclaimer. Yes, my user name is RooTFantastic. This has NOTHING to do with Droid, Linix, or computers. I was a radio DJ and it was my name... whatever.

    Now, for my question.

    I have been living under a rock, I was born yesterday, use whatever analogy you wish.
    I went out and bought the HTC Eris, and now I finally have the Moto Droid (running 2.1).
    I have been looking through a ton of threads, and articles, and sites, *yawn*.

    I would like for someone with half a brain cell to take the time and explain...

    For someone like me, who has been under a rock... is there anything in particular I would want to know prior to doint this?

    I am 99% sure I am going to, but I dont know what to do with the phone once I do it.
    As far as the over clock and tethering, yeah, I get it...
    But what else can this do?

    I am not a dev... I am a guy that wants a cool toy, and i download things to make it that way.

    I am not going to be programing, or trying to make my own things.
    I have a tenancy to screw things up when I do that. Trust me, my blackberry will never be the same.

    I will need to know where to get the "eye candy", explain to me what a ROM is, and why this whole thing is a good idea.

    Im not stupid, I just need it explained to me so I can make an informed decision without scouring the internet for hours trying to pick parts from sites.

    So, if someone wants to take the time to talk to me, send me an email, ill throw you on google talk or something, and we can talk this out.

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  3. Droid Sensei
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    Explore the hacking section and you will find answers to all your questions. You're not the first person to ask for a simplified step by step thread for rooting.
  4. Droid Ninja
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    Here's a good start http://www.droidforums.net/forum/hac...ot-unroot.html
    This will explain to you how to get root access for 2.1
  5. RS Admin
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    Rooting gives you superuser control to add or change things on your phone that normal users can not. A rom is sort of like a video game and the phone is the system. Anytime you put a different rom on your phone your phone will run it in that manner. Ie If someone made an eris rom then the droid would do every thing and act like an eris (a much faster eris because of it having better hardware.
    With Roms, devs take things from diffrent phones and combine them to create a better user experience. The problem is that some times different programs in the rom may not interact well causing lag or worse boot loops.
    You can also just root to add kernels to boost the speed of ypur processor (this is what overclocking does). My device is running the 2.1 ota but is overclocked to over come the lag that people experience with the official 2.1.
    You already know about wifi tethering
    There are more goodies that come from rooting your device; ie titanium backup (backs up apps and data) but rooting is not the end all solution. If you run a Rom that is a bad rom or that does not work well with your phone you may experince boot loops (where your phone keeps rebooting and), or have your phone not load past the M.
    I suggest 4 things before rooting:

    1) Read, Read, Read
    2) know what you are doing before you root, do not just rely on rom manager
    3) make sure you have 50% or more battery life, as you know your battery does not go yellow in the notification bar until you are at 30%. So I suggest getting a battery widget or something to ensure you have enough battery life.
    4) Wipe data and cache when installing a new Rom.


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