Hey everyone,

After learning how to install ROMs, I've noticed that there were some things about certain ROMs that I wanted to change. For example, I love JRummy's Cyan Theme ROM, but I personally didn't like his choice of icons for the default apps. So I learned how to edit the ROM by opening up the apps and replacing the icons, and I also figured out how to then sign the edited .apk files (using KeyTool). The only problem is: I don't know how to sign the ROM (.zip file) so that I could actually use the ROM.

I noticed that there are ways of signing ROMs for Windows and Linux users, but I'm using a Mac (OS X 10.6). Does anyone know what I could do? Do I use certain commands in Eclipse, or is there some simpler program I can use to sign the ROM?

Also, please let me know if I'm overlooking anything in the process of editing and signing ROMs.

Thanks in advance!