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Thread: Few Questions.....

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    Few Questions.....

    So I have had my Droid for a little while now, and love it. Because of this site, I have customized my Droid. For all of the Help, I thank you all. I found this photo on google, and had some questions about it.

    #1 - How do I change the colors of the power app?
    #2 - What are these three apps?

    Next, I wanted to see if I am missing anything that you all think I need/should have. My current build looks like this:
    Droid - root'd
    Ultimate Droid v9.0
    JIT enabled
    Chevy's 1.2ghz oc kernel - running a custom 1.2ghz profile with SetCPU

    Also, My Droid has shut itself down on it's own three times now, is there a reason for this?

    And last but not least, What is the Helix launcher? it is using up battery, but I don't see what it is, or where it is.

    Thanks for all the help.
    Moto Droid - Root'd:
    Chevy's Simply Stunning v3.2
    Chevy's 1.25ghz MV OC Kernel
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    Your first question the application on top is actually a widget that comes preinstalled its called "Power Control Widget" and the colors are blue because of a theme (adamz smoked glass theme i believe) the ones on the bottom im not sure what they are exactly but i believe 2 of them are memory widgets showing how much space is left on your internal/sd card.

    The reboots i wouldnt worry too much about, but if they become more frequent then you could try a different kernel and see if that fixes the problem.

    Helix Launcher is a home replacement application (other than the stock one) with UD he may have a script with his too allow you to remove it because i know it came with his rom here are the different scripts for removing the other home replacements:
    -rmhelix (removes helix launcher)
    -rmhelix2 (removes helix launcher 2)
    -rmlauncher (removes home launcher)
    -rmlauncher2 (removes 3D launcher)
    to use the scripts download "terminal emulator" from the market and type in "su" <enter> [enter the script here] <enter>
    *dont actually type the quotes or the "< >" or the "[ ]" buttons those are just to separate things*

    i hope that helps you
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    This is closed, duplicate post,

    Can be followed here http://www.droidforums.net/forum/dro...tml#post371025
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