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Thread: hmmm

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    Posting from my Droid here cause school just closed and my computer use is gone for the day buttttt-

    Was trying to make a quick attempt at rooting my Droid so I could have the permissions for Rom Manager but it was saying the update.zip wasn't signed so it aborted the installation. Was actually following rooting tutorial from the UD site... wondering if that update.zip is not viable since 2.1 or something? If that is the case I'm wondering if I need to find a way of reverting to 2.0.1 and maybe using that rooted 2.1 file I glanced at in another thread.
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    ya you probably should have gotten root before the ota hit ya. im sure there is a way to revert maybe with a .sbf or they will probably root the 2.1 ota soon enough
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    If you flash the 2.01 sbf onto your phone then you can use the DMupdater to obtain root access and such. But i have no idea how to flash the 2.01 sbf but im sure if you do some searching around then you'll find out how
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