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Thread: Root Question

  1. Droid Ninja
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    Root Question

    if I unroot for the update, will I be able to reinstall all my backed up apps on my sd card, or can u only install from sd when rooted?
  2. Master Droid
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    That depends on what method you used to back up your apps. Astro and My Back Up Pro work with out root access. Titanium Back Up however does require root acces for the app to run.
  3. Droid Sensei
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    Did you flash a custom ROM? If not then you don't need to 'unroot' to receive the update. Though you will likely loose root when/if the OTA ever hits... So no reason to unroot just wait for the OTA. If you did install a custom ROM then you'll need to return to the 'stock' ROM though. As above it will depend on your method. Of course in addition any programs requiring root (setCPU, TempMonitor ect.) will not install/run if the OTA removes the root.

    Be aware that as the official OTA package has not been released we don't know for sure if/when/how root will be attained for those that receive the OTA. IMHO just use one of the various ROMs based off the 'official' OTA .sbf version. Why wait?
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  4. Master Droid
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    Why would you need to restore apps if you use the official update?

    I think the OP question is moot - the official update will retain all your apps (else there would be a lot of angry Droid users!!).

    But FYI, installing backed up apps from Astro is a waste of time. You will not get automatic updates from the market for apps that were restored using Astro. Not sure about MyBackup. Titantium restored apps will get updates, but that requires root.


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