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Thread: Cyanogen Help

  1. Master Droid
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    Well, you seem to have issues. I'd go right to the source.
    CyanogenMod Forum -> Motorola Droid
  2. Master Droid
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    OK...not so much of an expert but I thought I'd take a whack at this. DM Updater is putting SPRecovery on your phone. Rom Manager wants to use Clockwork recovery. Is there a chance you are getting a conflict created by those two recovery systems? Why not just root it with Clockwork?

    I went to Cyanogen from DroidMod, so I essentially went the same route your doing. It installed but I was not able to get into Google account to sign in.

    I'd suggest doing a complete factory reset and then rooting and flashing with Clockwork or some other method (do they have a nandroid backup maybe?) straight to cyanogen.

  3. Droid
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    well i was able to do a full factory reset... then re rooted with DM, the went to with the video... i am DLing the latest Cyanogen now. cross my fingers... worst comes to worse i sitll have backups of everything
  4. Junior Droid
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    I could solve that problem same thing happend to me now it installs all the way but when promted to login to gmail I can't and also can't start a new one I started a thread but no replys yet

    If anyone can help send me a I'm aim
    Aim: dfekt
    Last edited by DFEKT; 03-28-2010 at 09:15 PM.
  5. Droid
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    CM 5.0.4.x came with Google Apps; the separation came with 5.0.5.x. If you install 5.0.5.x through ROM Manager it prompts you with a check box for Google Apps; you want it checked. If you install it via Clockwork (you have to use Clockwork, and not SPRecovery), there is a separate .zip that must be applied AFTER you install the ROM but BEFORE you boot it for the first time or you will not have the standard apps (at least for 5.0.5, not sure if this was changed at all in If nothing else, make sure you aren't getting the ROM .zip and Apps .zip confused in recovery; they are two separate files.
  6. Senior Droid
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    I flashed this last night using rom manager. Here's what I did:

    -DL'd Rom Manager
    -Clicked Flash Clockwork
    -Clicked Backup Current Rom
    -DL'd Titanium
    -Used Titanium to backup all of my apps. Very good ap
    -Went back to ROM manager and chose Cyanogenmod
    -Clicked the check box for google apps
    -RM dl'd the rom then asked me to reboot
    -Rebooted but it didnt go to the clockwork screen, just the factory recovery console.
    -Tried again same result
    -Flashed clockwork in Rom Manager again
    -this time when it rebooted it worked fine!
    -dl'd titanium again and restored all my apps
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