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Thread: Update or Not to Update.. That is the question!

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    Update or Not to Update.. That is the question!

    I thought I'd Make a thread about this ongoing war and struggle between Me, You, Our Droids, And Verizon.

    Are you Going to use the OTA Update? If so why are you rooted?

    Personally I'm running a rooted droid and am quite happy. I'm overclocking at 1000Mhz. and i already have the New Music Player, Pinch to zoom Browser, live Wallpapers, and even the launcer. I'm at a very happy place right now. I'm not sure what the update was going to do with maps, but i'm pretty sure thats an App thing really. Also my critique on the whole update thing. I mean if you were going to make us wait this long.. why not just include the Nexus one Drawer. I mean i geuss you guys had to have a reason for that, other then keeping it exclusive to Nexus One. Which. i guess is a reason within itself. But anywayz. I think I'm going to stay rooted for the time being.. Unless someone out there has been able to find a way to root 2.1. Which in that case. I will be more then happy to update, then root, then get back to overclocking and wifi tethering..
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    Hi their is a poll and thread already discussing this:


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