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Thread: March 18th Update to 2.1

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    March 18th Update to 2.1

    Is there anything that I need to do to get this update? I am rooted running smoked glass custom rom? Will this update brick my phone if I do not go back to my original rom?
  2. Droid Ninja
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    if you are rooted you will not get the OTA update.. i would use petes bugless beats v0.8 which is actually a rooted rom running the same exact version of 2.1 the OTA update will
  3. Decepticon
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    OTA update is blocked for you ie your phone wont allow it to work..

    IMO the "hacked" ROM's you will find here and around other places already better than the official update and once its out the custom hacked ROM's will only get better..

    however if you really MUST do the update you will have to unroot your phone. check out this thread about unrooting using .sbf..

    i have seen other ways out there but dont know about them... do some research about unrooting and you might find an easier/more simple way
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    wow sbf really?

    Starscream...that is a last resort type measure!!! not a thing that should be suggested to someone with a fully functioning phone who just want to reset....especially to someone who does not even know if their ROM blocks OTAs (no offense mrkresc). Likely to cause more damage than good.

    @mrkresc...what version of smoked glass are you running? If its 6.0.1 which Adam released this week...then you are already running a supped up version of what everyone else will get via the update.

    IF you would like to unroot and run the un modified version of 2.1 ESE53...just get the DMupdater off the market and click on the option to unroot. Just a few button pushes and no risk of completely fubar'ing your phone which can only be done with sbf.

    warning though....some suspect that Google/Motorola figured out the hole used to gain root access, and my close it with this update. IF that is the case...it could be a while before someone figures out how to reroot.
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    I'm closing this post because the discussion on 2.1 is on this thread in the news section: http://www.droidforums.net/forum/dro...ola-droid.html
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