I received a Galaxy Note 1 I717 (AT&T) and it was in a bootloop. I have experience with flashing stock roms through Odin and fixing bootloops that way. So after going through recovery mode, wiping, flashing, I am still getting put into a bootloop after a successful flash on Odin. I've spent 2 days with this and tried all the little suggestions of wiping before flashing, using the original roms from XDA , trying some other stock roms specifically for my model and I'm still left with a bootloop. I'm capable of getting into download and recovery, and I've actually gotten different stock recovery modes! So the flashes are working, but it just won't boot up correctly. I looked around for the U.S. version of the Pit CSC Phone and PDA to try and re partition it, but they are absolutely NOWHERE! Any help would be greatly appreciated, whether it's a ROM suggestion, the re partition files, or whatever else