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Thread: DroidMod to B.B.?

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    DroidMod to B.B.?

    I'm currently running Droidmod1.0 and I just want to keep playing around with my phone and try to install a rom manually scense. DM does it all for u.
    Well the question is on matts thread he has the step by step to install BB. What step can I start in scense I have the sprecovery and everything else? Can I just install over the DM or would I have to uninstall it.? And if I can just install BB over DM can I do the same if I wanna go back to DM? Well that's about all the questions I have. (For now)lol
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    Well to have both. Use Nandroid to back up your current setup of DM. Once backed up, follow the Nandroid install of BB's Rom. If you want to swith back, back up BB's, clear again and restore DM.
    Haven't tried DM but I use this process to figure out what versions of BB to keep and use.


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