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Thread: Battery Life and Roms

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    Battery Life and Roms

    I've been using Pete's BB for about 2 weeks now, but last night was when I really noticed battery drain. (I've been noticing it for a while, but last night I looked at my girlfriend's phone, and here's what I found.

    She had her's unplugged for 14 hrs, but still at 60%
    Mine was unplugged for 12 hrs, and at 40%

    I was overclocked yesterday... is that all it is? Thanks for any help.
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    Its seems silly to not assume that overclocking will drain your battery faster. The only way that won't happen is if you use setcpu profiles to underclock it considerably when sleeping, and then never use your phone
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    Personally I have tried MANY roms and any different ways of clocking my cpu...I now have a 2.1 rom running with live backgrounds and my battery life is better than stock 2.0.1 in my opinion...to increase battery life lower screen brightness to the lowest setting and is the overclock widget underclock(while in sleep) to 128 Max and min which will make your CPU run at the lowest possible speed reducing battery use
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    Quote Originally Posted by adrynalyne View Post
    Its seems silly to not assume that overclocking will drain your battery faster. The only way that won't happen is if you use setcpu profiles to underclock it considerably when sleeping, and then never use your phone
    I do this, well, not the "never use your phone" part.

    The two things that seem to make the most difference for me is: 1) reduce screen brightness to as low as you find comfortable (and turn it off as soon as you are through with the task at hand) and 2) Setcpu profile for when the phone is sleeping is set to 250/250. I tried, on an earlier rom, using 125/125, but the phone was very slow to wake up (almost missed a couple of calls!!).

    Oh, one other thing that I do is to use Screebl. It's a program that will keep the screen awake as long as you are using it. It determines usage by looking at the orientation sensors. So, you can then set screen sleep down to about 15 seconds. So, when you set the phone down, without putting it to sleep, it was dim in 15 seconds. The theory is that you will save battery by having the screen automaticaly off within 15 seconds of end of use. I don't really know if this save me any battery, but I love not having the screen dim while I'm using it.

    I've gotten so long winded here, I've forgot what the question was.

    I went back and read your post again and one more thing I wanted to pass along. I have my phone overclocked to 1.1 Ghz and my battery lasts all day. I take it off charge at about 5:30 - 6:00 in the morning and by 10-11 at night I will have 30-40%. I charge it all night each night. (I do not put it under a pillow (inside joke that you will get if you read all the recent posts)).

    Anyway, good luck. You will get some good (and less winded) advice here from others. I've learned a lot from them and am still learning.


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