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Thread: I'm rooted and have sholes...now what?

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    I'm rooted and have sholes...now what?

    First off....total noob. Probably should not be screwing with my phone in the first place but.....that smupdater is way too easy. Anyway I got the overclock rolling and got my phone set up with the smoked glass and all. It seems to be running extremely smooth at 1ghz and I'm happy.....I can't seem to figure out how to tether to my phone. I turn it on and then search for the network on my wifes phone and on my computer which has a wireless network adapter and nothing seems to see it. I was under the impression that turning tehtering on would turn my phone into a wifi hotspot and that my wifes phone would see it as such etc....any ideas?

    Other than that my question is this....now what? What else can I do now? Is their any other idiot proof customization I can do. Any other cool applications I can run now I could not before. Mind you they need to be idiot proof like the sholes app is, but what is out their?
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    I will agree that you shouldn't screw with the updater... for starters why pay for something that doesn't do anything that you can't do yourself? On that note check out these guys:
    Root Your Droid

    this way you can learn the 'proper' way to do things and be able to do things yourself (which will allow you to do more things in the long run).
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    custom boot animations are really cool. And yes, you should just press the big green button on wifi tether and it should be all automatic...


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