A few months ago I put the Bamf Paradigm ROM on my Gnex. All was fine until recently i noticed my Data connection cutting out frequently. So I downloaded the 4.1.1 image from google's site and used Wug's Root Toolkit to Flash and unroot. It worked fine, but trying Wallet again, it now says "Your Device isn't compatible with this version". As Google's Flagship, I would imagine it would be compatible with just about everything.

Any suggestions on how to remedy this? I dont care about preserving anything on the phone. I just want it back to stock jellybean and be able to use wallet. I'm also hoping it will update to the upcoming 4.2.

Additional Info from About Phone:
Baseband verison - i515.10 V.FF02 / i515.FG02
kernal version - 3.0.31-g396c4df android-build@vpbs 1
Build Number - JRo03o