I'm hoping to get some eyes on this plan I've made for hacking my new Droid so I can avoid bricking it at all costs.

I bricked my old Bionic 2 days ago due a combination of problems with Clockword Recovery Mod and the leaked ICS update, as well as my battery frying for some reason. Thankfully Verizon was none the wiser and they are sending me a new phone and battery in a few days. Although I'm cautious about hacking now, I still plan on rooting the new phone so I can recover my apps and data from the old phone's SD card.

Here are my plans for the new phone. If anyone could tell me if it makes sense or if they see any issues that will arise from following these steps, please let me know:

1. Root new Bionic with Motofail.exe root
2. Restore apps and such with Titanium Backup (restoring individual apps so I don't get any old clockwork garbage or other random stuff)
3. Download Voodoo Root OTA Rootkeeper.
4. Wait for official ICS OTA (don't want to mess around with the leaks anymore) and backup root with voodoo
5. Unroot with voodoo, install ICS and re-root after update (I've read on some posts that Voodoo works with the ICS OTA but I'm not 100% sure)

If anyone sees any flaws with this plan or if you think it sounds like there won't be any problems, please respond! I really don't want to brick a second phone so any help would be invaluable.