Hey guys, I'm pretty new when it comes to androids,just got my first one in October last year...and I went with the Motorola Defy.
Since then I've been hearing that my device wont be getting a gingerbread upgrade...ever. So i was kinda taken aback seeing as how phones with 600mz processors have been given 2.3.6 upgrades and stuff

Could you guys please help me out here?

As I said I'm new to droids and was reading about this whole rooting scenario, and was wondering if I should do it. I was looking over at the z4Root app, since it seems to be the most convenient way to root,do you guys know if it would work on my Defy? And if it does could you gimme the link to download the latest one?

One more thing, if i do root it will i be able to get the gingerbread and maybe even ICS?

Thanks in advance guys.