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Thread: post-rooting: no service on a now unrooted phone.

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    post-rooting: no service on a now unrooted phone.

    Hmm, I don't know where else to turn with my phone dilemma... I am in a state of emergency where I need it to work asap but I have effectively destroyed it.

    I am admittedly a noob to rooting, but I wanted to try it for various small reasons, not thinking it would be too big of a deal. I managed to s-off, root my HTC incredible 2 2.3.4 today (using the guide on these forums) but flashed a corrupted rom, effectively making my phone useless without bricking it.
    Then, hours later I finally managed to restore to a previous point and flash a different rom.
    It worked. But I had no service. And my GPS wasn't working.

    Frustrated with the pain I was going through to root this phone and believing that unrooting it would solve my problems, I went through a different guide to unroot my phone (How To Unroot and Return the Droid Incredible 2 Back to Stock | TheUnlockr) because I was willing to start from scratch again for my phone if it meant all the problems would be fixed.

    Many hours later, however, I am now left with an unrooted phone that has no service. Basically, it was worse than starting from scratch.

    Looking online, it seems the only feasible solution is to reroot it and flash some rom which I don't honestly have enough confidence to do without killing my phone more.
    I don't know if I can simply get the phone replaced because I'm afraid that verizon will somehow be able to tell that my phone was rooted at one point and void my warranty, killing any hopes for a new phone...

    Could somebody give a rooting noob a few options on where I can go from here, and what specifically carriers look at for evidence of rooting? Thanks!
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    Have you dialed *228? It just sounds like you need to reactivate with VZ.
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    Definitely try what rubiks suggested. Simply rooting and unrooting should not cause you to lose signal etc.


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