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Thread: The Complete Jacka$$ Guide to WiFi Tethering-OverClocking-BusyBox-Flash_image-Root!

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    The Complete Jacka$$ Guide to WiFi Tethering-OverClocking-BusyBox-Flash_image-Root!

    First Obtaining Root -

    like myself i had problems such as file not found? phone not connected,
    E: cant find Recovery/cache/command etc etc etc

    like myself, you probably had a bad update file. use the one that i currently used located at Root Your Droid - The complete guide to rooting your Droid. click on the guides tab, then scroll down to rooting. after this is done, you might want to download terminal emulator but not the one made by helloandroid because that is the bugged version.

    then type in su from the phone physical keyboard and it should ask for your permission and will show a # sign. if all else fails you might need to back up all your data and do a hard reset which is option three from the recovery menu i believe and that will erase all date even from sd card so make sure its all saved. it is possible an important data file was either moved or deleted from its original folder. then reattempt from the steps above. if you have any probs man let me no, ill be online most of the day today as im trying to figure out how to wifi tether.

    ok here is the jacka$$ guise to wifitethering and busybox as wel as flash-image sprecovery, brightness fix, and overclocking!

    first off, navigate back to chevyno1 wifi tethering - one click .. . thread.


    from here you need to download his application for windows machines only. sorry guys no Macs.

    - then you need to go to the marketplace and download an application called droidroothelper. once it is up and running, click the menu button second from the left on the droid touchscreen, and click on get the tools.

    install adrozip,linda file manager, and then get the tools from the links in the menu. once you download get the tools open adrozip click on the downloads folder, then click on droidroothelper.zip then choose extract to.
    dont just do that tho. first press that back arrow once then extract to that screen. it should be the screen you first see when you open adrozip. extract it there.

    once that is all done, reboot your phone, and open droidroothelper.

    click on:
    1. mount mtdblock3 system read/write,
    2. mount mtdblock4 system read/write
    3.unmount system mtdblock3
    4.unmount system mtd block 4
    5. sync.
    6.rename recover from boot.p
    7.install and chmod busybox install to system bin
    8. install chmod flash image

    then scroll to the bottom where it says recovery and click recovery.

    then download the new version of wifi tethering made by chevyno1. i think its version 1.3 or 1.4

    - follow the onscreen directions, nothing will go wrong. the reason your getting that error is because your recovery is too old and the program doesnt recognize your phone in recovery mode. if you follow the directions step by step you should be up and running in no time.

    not that i dont want to support the people who work very hard, but their is a free application for overclocking in the market place called overclockwidget download that to reset your cpu speeds and increase or decrease battery life depending on your usage, if you set it at the lowest 125mhz processing speed your phone will get weeks of battery usage LOL. this is no joke, it just wont be the fastest, or 550mhz and everything will run much smoother.

    Again i DIDNT make any of these applications i just make this guide for people like myself who dont know all these terms or steps, and want to enjoy maximizing the use of my motorola droid.

    for any donation through paypal, they can go to CHEVYNO1 who helped produce this application for wifi tethering and brightness fix, as well as overclocking to avoid all these command scripts that confuse us all at:


    cheers, and good luck!
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    I'm sure this will help a few of the noobs that likely are signing up to this site everyday ... and I just want to add that if anyone was for any reason considering a donation, I'd rather it go to Haiti ... so either send it to your favorite charity, or you could donate at alldroid as well:

    AllDroid - View topic - Haiti Relief fund
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    thanks chevy, your the man! thanks for all your help with everything


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